Photo by Arden Wray

Hi, I'm Kristiann. I live and love in Toronto, Canada, where I daydream about sewing, painting, pastries and a good red wine!

Victory Patterns started when an idea popped into my head after teaching sewing for some time, that it might be a good idea to make sewing patterns for all these lovely ladies to use their newfound sewing skills! I always wanted to have my own creative business and I trusted in this idea more than any other crazy thing I'd thought up until that point.

I held my breath and I left my job as a costume maker and spent the next 10 months writing a business plan and developing the first collection of patterns. When I told people, "I've quit my job to make PDF sewing patterns!!!" I would get a lot of head scratches and scrunched up faces and "whaaat's that?". I know, it's niche, but I had a hunch it would work out! I wasn't a very computer savvy person so I fumbled along the way teaching myself as I went along all about how to turn a physical pattern into a digital pattern and all sorts of mysteries slowly unfolded. It was such an amazing, challenging adventure, and continues to be every day! 

Thankfully, the little world of sewing and DIY happens to be full of the most magical, kind and supportive people under the sun, and with your support I've been so lucky to be able to continue doing what I love, making things that I hope you'd like to sew up for yourself!

What I love the most about making these patterns is that they encourage the creation of more sustainably, socially conscious clothing. Whether you know it or not, by making your own clothes and buying less fast fashion, you're doing a small part to make this world a better place! I hope you find something that you like for yourself. Make it with care and take pride in knowing that each stitch is made with love by you!

Sew your heart out, ladies!

Kris xo