If you've ever sewn a pocket bag or a neckline facing and you find that the inside parts keep peeking out, trying to steal the spotlight from your beautiful the garment, it's likely because you haven't sewn an understitch along the seam of the finished edge. An understich is generally used along edges where you have inner linings or facings that you want to remain concealed on the inside of the garment. This stitch that will help all those inner parts to stay put, leaving you with crispy clean finished edges!  

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I like Satsuki for it's simplicity and because it lends itself as a blank canvas for lots of fun, decorative and personalized techniques. Sophie's done just that by creating beautiful cutout lattice-work along the front and back neckline.  She's done such an amazing job! I thought it might inspire you to do something creative with your Satsuki or another dress pattern.  Thanks for sharing, Sophie!


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I'm so happy to finally say this...... printed patterns are finally ready right here on the site! Yayayay! Thanks for your patience while we got everything up and running just the way we wanted. To celebrate, I'm hosting a sale on all patterns (patterns packages not included). Yupper, both digital and print. You can use the discount code "hooray" from now until tomorrow at midnight for 15% off all patterns.

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Thank you all for waiting so patiently. I didn't anticipate that it would take so long to be able to release the printed patterns, but we've run into a number of technical snags while switching our system over to a new one. Almost there! In the meatime I've put the printed patterns up in the Etsy shop so you can get your hands on them now.

Thanks again for your patience, and I'll announce it once it's ready in our shop. I'll also be posting a list of stores that will be stocking the patterns. 

Have a beautiful day! xo

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I'm really happy about this, so I wanted to share it. The lovely Liesl and Todd behind Oliver + S are hosting my patterns on their site, amongst a selection of other really wonderful indie pattern designers. I feel really privileged to have been invited to join them. They invited me to talk a bit about my background and about the line, so if you're interested, here's a link to their post.

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I often hear people say that they'd love to start a creative business online. I'm always so excited to see them get started and to see that magic they'll create. I know for me, that idea seemed daunting as there's so much I didn't now, and it's kind of scary putting yourself into the world in that way.  I was so glad at the time I started out that there was a platform like Etsy available to allow me to easily get started, a place where I could learn the ropes of running a small business, and where there was a community of people in the same boat as me that I could reach out to. 

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Marimekko textiles

Spoiler Alert: If you plan on seeing the Marimekko exhibit at the Toronto textile museum, read no further!

That being said, let me spill the beans about this INCREDIBLE EXHIBIT!!! To celebrate my birthday, my best friend and I trotted off to the textile museum as they're having a Marimekko show. It's the depth of winter and I've been longing for the colors of spring, and this show was more than a fix. I am so in love with the world that Marimekko built, their vision, consistency, approach to marketing, their contributions to fashion and industrial design, textiles and art, ALL of it!

Marimekko is a Finnish company started in 1952 by an incredibly innovate woman, Armi Ratia. The company is largely recognized for their bold, colorful prints, simple garment silhouettes as well as home furnishings. Marimekko started after a failed endeavor into the production of oilcoth left Ratia with a factory. So she decided to invite some graphic designer friends to put their ideas onto fabric. These humble beginnings would be the start of an beautiful little empire…

Armi Rita


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