amerson underwear pattern


The lovely Maddie from Madalynne has been working away on a beautiful project for the some time now. She's been developing her own lingerie sewing patterns and today is the big reveal of her first style, Amerson! Yay Maddie!!! You lucky ladies are in store for an awesome treat, she's offering the first pattern up as a free download. She'd love to hear your thoughts and constructive criticism, as I'm sure this will be the first of many, and she wants to get it just right. So head over there and grab it while it's hot, and while you're at it, give that girl a big congratulations. She's one hard working, talented lady!!

So proud of you, Maddie 

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kris' simone dress

A little late, but happy New Year everyone! I couldn't be happier to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome this year in with open arms. It's already starting out really beautifully, I just feel so much brighter and I'm working on an exciting project that I can't tell you about just yet, but soon! I'd love to hear about amazing magical things that you have in store for this year.  

Also, I just wanted to post about an interview that I did before Christmas with an awesome Toronto street style blog, Toronto Verve

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Sallie wears her version of Satsuki


Sallie seems to have the midas touch. If you look around her blog, you'll see that everything she makes is gold! Even her amazing illustrations, holy moly, woman, UBER talanted!!! I really love this version of Satsuki, the silk has such a beautiful, dark smokiness to it, and a wonderful drape. I've become partial to this dress in black, and it's really nice to see such a lovely version, and such pretty photos! Take a look at Sallie's post on the dress too, it's a good laugh! (Thanks Jessica for pointing Sallie's blog out to me!)


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City of craft poster


This Saturday is City of Craft in Toronto. If you're local, you should pop by. It's a massive, magical gathering of hand crafted gifts wares made my independant artists. 

 Also, If you do come by, I'll be running a little craft workshop at 2:30 on Saturday making these little guys, known as God's eyes. Come and say hi!  (Sadly, there won't be wine at City of Craft)


Gods eye craft party

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piping covered with self fabric

Adding piping to your seams can add such a special touch. It's totally worth the extra bit of work as it can make your seams more prominent and beautiful. 

Piping comes in lots of different colors and is generealy covered in a basic cotton fabric but it looks extra fancy when you create piping covered with self fabric. Whether your pattern calls for it or not, you can add piping to seams if you want to spruce up the design a little. Here's a little tutorial to show you how to cover store bought piping with self fabric.

self covered piping on Simone dress

I used it here in the Simone dress because I wanted to add prominence to the seamlines of the front placket. I broke up the monotony of the blue fabric by added a running stitch in anchor threads to match the piping in order to integrate the colours.

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kazz wears her version of the anouk dress


Kazz had posted her version of Anouk last week on Sew weekly, and it was completely AWESOME!!! I was so excited to show it off here.   A girl after my own heart, she's mixed my two favorite materials together, leather and chiffon.  Aye carumba! I get so happy to see super personalized versions of the patterns, and Kazz has such a vibrant, eccletic sense of style and she completely did it justice! 

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victory patterns celebrates one year anniversary

Today marks the first birthday for Victory Patterns! Yaaay!!!! This time last year I had been sitting on a couch with my super amazing brother for about two solid weeks with numb bums while we worked on building the website, eating the weirdest food, listening to comedy radio, pulling all nighters until it was born into the world. That was one of the best feelings ever! This year has been pretty amazing and I want to say thank you to every single person who's visited the site, taken the time to poke around, buy a pattern, make a garment, leave a lovely comment, give me advice, and shown their support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  

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illustration of woman wearing vintage dress


I went on a vintage glass button hunt at the St.Lawrence Antique Market this weekend, and although I found some beauties,  I came across these illustrations that were way more exciting! This set of hand painted lithograph prints are from an old unknown catologue, and I flirted with the vendor so that he would let me take some photos (please tell me it was worth it)!  Some of the illustrations include a pattern draft technical, which reminds me of these books from Anna's collection. It's kind of bonkers how pretty they are so and I wanted to share them with you. 

(I want every one of these cloche hats, ga!)

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I moved into my studio last year after working from home. I love this little space,  It's really nice to get out of the house and have a cozy place to work. On the downside, I can't distract myself with episodes of The Wire. I loved a lot of things about working from home, but I really missed seeing people every day. I'm lucky to be surronded by so many creative and talented makers and artists in this space, which is really inspiring and helpful in giving me drive when I need it. I'll do a little post one day about all of the amazing work everyone else here does, because it's all super beautiful. But here's a little tour of my studio... it's usually much more messy!!


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