Hannah has an armhole dart, which is an unconventional dart placement that you might more often find in vintage clothing. I know you’re likely scratching your head about this one. Because of this placement, this bust adjustment tutorial may look a bit different to those you’ve seen before. These bust adjustments for the Hannah pattern will allow you to add or reduce fabric at the bust area, adjusting the dart size, all while maintaining the size of the waist and hips.


Heres what well cover in this tutorial:

  • Selecting your size
  • Determining your cup size
  • Determining the amount to adjust your pattern
  • Full bust adjustment tutorial
  • Small bust adjustment tutorial
  • Adjusting your apex
  • Truing your adjusted dart

Let’s get started!

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 << Update:  If you experienced trouble purchasing Hannah this morning, we had a little issue with our shop, but we’re back now and she’s ready for you >>

If you had any idea how long this pattern has been in the works, you’d be very happy for me today! This pattern has been on a bit of a journey with me and has taught me a LOT! In the early days of her conception, this poor girl, along with my computer, was hijacked by a car washer named Dan, she’s been re-drafted, re-written and made into more muslin’s than I’d care to say. She’s waited patiently while I tended to writing a book, she’s trekked to Australia and back, twice. After all of this, I’ve wanted to give up on her a few times, but I just couldn’t because, well, I’m stubborn and I just really love her! She’s taught me patience, perfectionism and the importance of simplicity.

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I feel like I’m counting the days down for Christmas. It’s been quite a while since our last pattern launch, which makes me so excited to announce that our newest PDF pattern is about to drop this week. Thursday to be exact! 

I promise lots of juicy details with this one. If you’d like to get an early preview, sign up here by 10 am (est) on Wednesday and you’ll receive the sneak peak along with a coupon code with a discount for 20% off the pattern. This code will be valid on Thursday through to April 22 (EST). 

So soon now!



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Spring Sale

 Spring is finally here! To celebrate, we’re having a sale off digital and printed patterns. From now until midnight on March 29th (EST), you can take 25% off your purchase.

To take advantage of the sale, when you’ve reached the checkout, click "Add a coupon" underneath your subtotal. Enter the coupon code "Spring25" and hit "Update" to receive the discount off your order.

Happy spring and happy shopping!


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I opened my inbox to dreamy email back in 2013 from an acquisitions editor at a publishing company asking if I would be interested in writing a book on sewing techniques and sewing patterns. My immediate reaction was “YESYESYES!” since it was a lofty dream I’d had. After calming down, I told myself I would only do it if I could think of something unique and really useful to readers. Then I remembered this idea for a project I had in mind and wanted to explore for some time; I though it might be just the right thing for this book. I had no way of properly wrapping my head around just how much would be involved in this project or all of the implications writing a book would have on my life/business. I didn't over analyze it, I just jumped in head first. Thanks goodness because had I know, I might have been too scared!

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It’s REAL!!! It’s really real! Boundless Style is in my hands and I’m so excited that after almost two years in the making, this book is out in the world! I know some of you have received your copy and hearing your feedback is making all the hard work feel so worth it! If you haven’t grabbed a copy as yet, it’s in the shop. Check it out!

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I wanted to share something really exciting with you! As you may know, Boundless Style is almost out. Just a few more weeks to go! But I wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peek into what this book is all about so you can get your imagination going and plan some fun projects for the Fall. So, let me tell you! Boundless Style is a mix and match pattern book that gives you five bodice, five skirt and five sleeve patterns that you can combine any way you like to create your own design. 

But we wanted to give you a way to properly visualize your designs. Sooooo, Simon has created a really exciting app that will allow you to do just that!


Welcome to Lookbook!

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Ok, let's get this show on the road again! You wouldn’t know by the looks of things, but there's been a lot going on behind these curtains and I'll soon be able to draw them back and show you what's been going on. It’s been an immense year for me, such a whirlwind! This year has seen the full spectrum of emotion, big challenges and growth. In the mix of everything, I crossed off a big item on my bucket list and wrote a book, which will be out this October! After writing Boundless Style, I needed to take a little break to recuperate, but in the meantime I’ve been quietly working away on new patterns for you. I’m ready to dust myself off and become a part of this beautiful world again and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth back in to your blogs, your makes and your lives once again to see what I’ve been missing! You've been more than patient in waiting for new patterns, and I can't tell you how much I'm itching to share them with you. So soon!!!  

Let's warm thing up by sharing with you what’s to come in the next couple of months!

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I've always wanted to speak French! Sadly though, it's still there on my bucket list, waiting for me to smarten up and just get on it! But in the meantime, I am happy to let you know that our PDF patterns are now more accomplished that I and have recently been translated into French by a new online store, Mistinguette & Co


Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2.14.48 PM.png

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