::: Tj's Hand Painted Lola :::

Isn't this dress crazy beautiful?!! My jaw dropped when I saw Tj's version of Lola. At first I thought, where the heck did she get that amazing knit and how did she manage to line up the print so perfectly across the panels?!?! But at a closer look, I realized that she DREW. IT . HERSELF!!! This girl has talent!


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We all have that trunk, closet or drawer that overflowing with scraps of fabric left over from previous projects. Too beautiful to throw out and yet too small for another project, these forgotten bits of fabric tend to sit collecting dust. But despair no more for we have the perfect solution! Sewers grab your collection of fabrics and prepare to be very busy creating multiples of the following tutorial as it is both a fun and functional way of using leftovers.


Written by Elizabeth Vandermey


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Excuse me while I freak out a little here,  but I can't contain my excitement! I've had a crazy amazing week and I have blurt it out!

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If you've ever sewn a pocket bag or a neckline facing and you find that the inside parts keep peeking out, trying to steal the spotlight from your beautiful the garment, it's likely because you haven't sewn an understitch along the seam of the finished edge. An understich is generally used along edges where you have inner linings or facings that you want to remain concealed on the inside of the garment. This stitch that will help all those inner parts to stay put, leaving you with crispy clean finished edges!  

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I like Satsuki for it's simplicity and because it lends itself as a blank canvas for lots of fun, decorative and personalized techniques. Sophie's done just that by creating beautiful cutout lattice-work along the front and back neckline.  She's done such an amazing job! I thought it might inspire you to do something creative with your Satsuki or another dress pattern.  Thanks for sharing, Sophie!


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I'm so happy to finally say this...... printed patterns are finally ready right here on the site! Yayayay! Thanks for your patience while we got everything up and running just the way we wanted. To celebrate, I'm hosting a sale on all patterns (patterns packages not included). Yupper, both digital and print. You can use the discount code "hooray" from now until tomorrow at midnight for 15% off all patterns.

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Thank you all for waiting so patiently. I didn't anticipate that it would take so long to be able to release the printed patterns, but we've run into a number of technical snags while switching our system over to a new one. Almost there! In the meatime I've put the printed patterns up in the Etsy shop so you can get your hands on them now.

Thanks again for your patience, and I'll announce it once it's ready in our shop. I'll also be posting a list of stores that will be stocking the patterns. 

Have a beautiful day! xo

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