Ok, let's get this show on the road again! You wouldn’t know by the looks of things, but there's been a lot going on behind these curtains and I'll soon be able to draw them back and show you what's been going on. It’s been an immense year for me, such a whirlwind! This year has seen the full spectrum of emotion, big challenges and growth. In the mix of everything, I crossed off a big item on my bucket list and wrote a book, which will be out this October! After writing Boundless Style, I needed to take a little break to recuperate, but in the meantime I’ve been quietly working away on new patterns for you. I’m ready to dust myself off and become a part of this beautiful world again and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth back in to your blogs, your makes and your lives once again to see what I’ve been missing! You've been more than patient in waiting for new patterns, and I can't tell you how much I'm itching to share them with you. So soon!!!  

Let's warm thing up by sharing with you what’s to come in the next couple of months!

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I've always wanted to speak French! Sadly though, it's still there on my bucket list, waiting for me to smarten up and just get on it! But in the meantime, I am happy to let you know that our PDF patterns are now more accomplished that I and have recently been translated into French by a new online store, Mistinguette & Co


Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2.14.48 PM.png

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I've had my head tucked deep down under piles and piles of fabric, working away on the pretty big project that I have to keep mostly under wraps for now. I leaked a little secret a while ago on Instagram that I'm working on a book, but I figured it's about time I mention it properly here so that you know why I've been M.I.A. While I can't say more at the moment about what the book is all about, I wanted to share as much as I can up to this point

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Happy first day of SPRING!!! If you're on this side of the planet, I hope the sun is starting to show her beautiful face to you!

I'm itching to shed the coat, boots and dark colours and wear some bright, floaty, floral print dresses! I was feeling in the mood for some inspiration the other day, so I popped over to the greenhouse to smell the fresh floral air and absorb the bright colours and textures. Now that these sunny days are at our doorstep, I pulled together a few colour palettes to get my head in gear for some projects ahead.

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I hopped over to Melbourne recently for the most amazing weekend with some lovely ladies from blog land.  This was a whirlwind trip, as Simon (who was surprisingly happy to join in on all the sew-ist activities) and I ran around town over a weekend catching up with sewing peeps and trying to soak in as much as possible that this incredible city has to offer: Food, street art, coffee, galleries, did I say food?

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Thanks for being a part of the journey, for your support and enthusiasm. When I read you amazing comments and see that fantastic projects that you make up, it fills me with inspiration and excitement to create. This is turning out to be quite the adventure. It’s been an amazing two years and I'm really looking forward to sharing new projects with you. To celebrate, we’re having a sale! 

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By some very unexpected, romantic turn of recent events, I've found myself on the other side of the world, in South Australia. I've been here for two weeks and it's been some of the happiest days I can remember. I was not prepared for the beauty that I'm seeing everyday, and I wanted to share some of it with you. 

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