City of craft poster


This Saturday is City of Craft in Toronto. If you're local, you should pop by. It's a massive, magical gathering of hand crafted gifts wares made my independant artists. 

 Also, If you do come by, I'll be running a little craft workshop at 2:30 on Saturday making these little guys, known as God's eyes. Come and say hi!  (Sadly, there won't be wine at City of Craft)


Gods eye craft party

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Anna's memory project


Clothing can hold a meaning deeper than its original intended purpose of style or protection; it can tell stores of our past. "The Memory Project" is a wonderful piece created by Anna Zygowski, who is a fashion and textile designer currently working on her masters in fashion design (awesome!!!). In this project, Anna shares intimate moments in the lives of her family through garments that they once wore. This story telling takes place through incredible and nostalgic textile exploration.

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Graphic print from Elizebeth Olwen


Ok, I get excited pretty easily, but when a friend tells me she's launched a collection of graphic prints for fabric, I get excited on a whole other level!!! I'm thrilled to show off this body of work for two reasons, a) I'm thoroughly proud of this girl (who also happens to be my graphic designer), and b) this means that soon enough, we will all be able to buy some gorgeous fabrics to sew up some pretty dresses.

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Paper crafts

This past weekend was the Love and Rummage trunk show at The Workroom. This show takes place a few times each year and presents a handful of very unique and talented local vendors. Each artist showcases their handmade wares out of vintage suitcases, beautifully stocked with lovingly made crafts! It’s always such a treat for the eyes, and so inspiring to see what amazing things everyone creates and how they display it in such lovely ways. Here’s just a few photos from the special day…

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