illustration of woman wearing vintage dress


I went on a vintage glass button hunt at the St.Lawrence Antique Market this weekend, and although I found some beauties,  I came across these illustrations that were way more exciting! This set of hand painted lithograph prints are from an old unknown catologue, and I flirted with the vendor so that he would let me take some photos (please tell me it was worth it)!  Some of the illustrations include a pattern draft technical, which reminds me of these books from Anna's collection. It's kind of bonkers how pretty they are so and I wanted to share them with you. 

(I want every one of these cloche hats, ga!)

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Cover of vintage pattern drafting workbook

My amazing intern, Annabrings fascinating things to show me each time she arrives to the studio. The other day she brought along the most beautiful collection of vintage pattern drafting workbooks that she acquired online. They are exercise books created by a woman who attended a drafting school in Italy in the 1950's. The pages are as delicate as brittle leaves and the care that went into making them is just admirable.I wanted to share a few pages, because they are just gorgeous.

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