I moved into my studio last year after working from home. I love this little space,  It's really nice to get out of the house and have a cozy place to work. On the downside, I can't distract myself with episodes of The Wire. I loved a lot of things about working from home, but I really missed seeing people every day. I'm lucky to be surronded by so many creative and talented makers and artists in this space, which is really inspiring and helpful in giving me drive when I need it. I'll do a little post one day about all of the amazing work everyone else here does, because it's all super beautiful. But here's a little tour of my studio... it's usually much more messy!!


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Skline photo of Toronto

I’ve finally moved into my new studio! I'm so happy to be here. I already feel so much more productive and while this place is slowly getting organized, I’m managing start work on some new designs. It’s a bit too soon to show you around the space, but in the meantime I took some rooftop photos to show you the view from my building.

This photo nearly cost me my life!!! Not really. I ended up getting locked on the roof. This is so typical. Of coarse it's also the tallest building in China town on a cold windy day with no chance of my voice being heard on the street. I brought my phone along, so there was still hope, but while I froze my butt off awaiting my rescue I started thinking of that Danny Boyle movie, 127 hours, and of people in dire, impossible situations (which mine was not, but my brain works this way). That movie is bonkers, you should watch it. For fun, I figured out what my escape plan might have been, had I not had a phone. It would have involved a clumsy, probably painful jump to the fire escape> I would have been willing to sprain my ankle, but I would have made it. Next time I'll know what to do.

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