::: Tj's Hand Painted Lola :::

Isn't this dress crazy beautiful?!! My jaw dropped when I saw Tj's version of Lola. At first I thought, where the heck did she get that amazing knit and how did she manage to line up the print so perfectly across the panels?!?! But at a closer look, I realized that she DREW. IT . HERSELF!!! This girl has talent!


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Anna's memory project


Clothing can hold a meaning deeper than its original intended purpose of style or protection; it can tell stores of our past. "The Memory Project" is a wonderful piece created by Anna Zygowski, who is a fashion and textile designer currently working on her masters in fashion design (awesome!!!). In this project, Anna shares intimate moments in the lives of her family through garments that they once wore. This story telling takes place through incredible and nostalgic textile exploration.

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transfer labels sewn into garment

Add an extra touch of class to your hand made item by making your own clothing labels! Making tags is quick and easy, all you need is a photocopy version of your own logo, name or artwork, and a few supplies. Make sure that your artwork or text is in mirror image to the original format. If you've made one of our patterns and would like to make it look extra professional, you can print our labels.

These tags use a chemical called xylene from blender markers to dissolve photocopy toner onto fabric. When the toner is transferred onto natural fibre, it creates a wash-fast transfer. You can expand on this idea and transfer images to clothing!

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Graphic print from Elizebeth Olwen


Ok, I get excited pretty easily, but when a friend tells me she's launched a collection of graphic prints for fabric, I get excited on a whole other level!!! I'm thrilled to show off this body of work for two reasons, a) I'm thoroughly proud of this girl (who also happens to be my graphic designer), and b) this means that soon enough, we will all be able to buy some gorgeous fabrics to sew up some pretty dresses.

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Results of Shibori Stitch resist dye - front

One of my passions is textile design. I don't get to do it enough these days, and I was thrilled to be able to take a natural dye class at The Workroom taught by Julie Sinden, an amazing textile artist. This class blew my mind!!! I'm fascinated by process, and how people have figured out how to do the intricate techniques involved in so many crafts, so this class was right up my alley. We used 5 types of dyestuff all found in nature, such as the heartwood of a tree, roots of plant, and a beetle!! It was really amazing to see the color that came out of this stuff. I want to share some photos to show the the amazing color, but also give you a small tutorial on how to create a beautiful textile using the shibori stitch resit method.


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